Food and Wine Tour in Kumeu – A Great Combination

There’s something about people who love wine as a drink, and they seem to gel well as a group or form a society and get into many interesting activities. Many people consume alcoholic drinks, but rarely will you come across a whiskey club or rum union. But wine societies abound in every wine producing country. New Zealand is no exception. There are many wineries even close to major cities like Auckland and the wine enthusiasts not only enjoy the different varieties and flavours, but also add a lot of food items in the milieu. And if you take a food and wine tour Kumeu offers, you will be able to get a fair idea of what is being discussed here.

The Natural Beauty of Kumeu

As mentioned, it is unbelievable that just a few miles outside a metropolitan city you could have such beautiful settings; and what’s more, one of the best and oldest wineries in the world. Again as indicated, the pleasure comes with not only tasting the wines in this valley, but there are many restaurants here, which make the food and wine tour in Kumeu complete in the most charming manner.

In reality, the tourists can actually enjoy much more than just wine and food on a tour like this. It gets more interesting with many activities also offered here. These include mountain biking and horse trekking if you are game, and these and other activities will make your Kumeu food and wine tour a complete breakaway from your busy city life. You will never forget something like this.

The Idea of Food with Wine

This could be one of the reasons why more people bond with each other in the wine circuit. Wine is best consumed with some matching dishes, and this makes the typical lover of wine explore many options to taste the food that goes with each variety of wine. And some of the nicest restaurants can be found on the food and wine tour Kumeu based, which serve an endless number of delicacies to the tourists who come here from all over the world.   

If you are planning your next trip to a winery in New Zealand, you can give the Kumeu wineries of Auckland a chance. The best way possibly is to spend some time on the Internet, going through the reviews and experiences shared by people who had been there, and seen and enjoyed it all. From these, you can choose the best food and wine tour in Kumeu and book yourself into one of these.

The Place is So Beautiful It Lends its Name to the Wines

As you take the food and wine tour Kumeu operators conduct, and you are guided through their wine yards and allowed to taste the different wines, you will see some exotic names being assigned to the different varieties or blends of wines. People who come to these parts are so enamoured by its beauty and charm that the wine makers even name their wines after the place or the location. That way the wine drinkers also associate the place with the liquor, and the drink becomes quite popular.